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HCG's Services in Leadership: Strengthening Leadership Effectiveness of Individuals and Executive Teams

Hagberg Consulting Group has more than 20 years experience working with thousands of senior executives to develop leadership skills. Its unique and proprietary set of assessment tools and leadership development programs are based on empirical evidence and research. HCG’s approach is designed to generate meaningful and lasting change by working with the fundamental leadership strengths of the executive, rather than trying to develop the person into a leader whose leadership style is alien to his or her own deepest personality traits. This approach requires accurate assessment and identification of the executive’s leadership strengths and weaknesses combined with an effective leadership coaching program to elicit sustainable growth towards a prioritized set of performance objectives. HCG’s leadership assessment process is designed to help the executive quickly focus on the most important leadership skills required for his or her own success.

Factual Data Supports HCG’s Best Leader Theories

HCG’s conclusions about what makes the best leaders are derived from data rather than opinion and bias. Since HCG’s inception, its research and development team has compiled leadership data of more than 6,000 senior executives, 700 CEOs and 360 peer-reviews from around the world. Conclusive and consistent data from these leadership findings reveal that a necessary skills set is shared by best leaders. Where as most leadership consulting firms base best leader competencies on the latest trends and fads, HCG’s ongoing research continuously evaluates popular assumptions about leadership to determine their longstanding validity.

Three Dominant Leadership Styles

Although there are many behaviors that effective leaders engage in, (e.g., inspiring others, creating buy-in, handling resistance to change, being an agent of change, decisiveness), there are distinctly different styles of leadership. HCG’s research indicates that the three dominant styles of leadership are: Visionary Evangelist, Relationship Builder and Manager of Execution. HCG has developed a leadership model to help clients understand what styles they best utilize and why all three are required in balance for a strong leadership force.

Personality Driving Leadership Style

Key HCG findings indicate that leadership behaviors are highly correlated with personality characteristics such as: optimism, independence, risk-taking, anxiety, tolerance and trust. HCG has developed a proprietary leadership assessment tool called the Personality and Leadership Profile (PLP), which links 46 individual personality attributes to management and leadership skills. This assessment not only enables executives to understand how ingrained behavior patterns affect his or her leadership style, but also builds an awareness of automatic behavioral tendencies.

Developing Natural Leadership Traits

HCG’s research in using the PLP to assess hundreds of senior executives indicates that certain leadership attributes will be natural to some executives while those same leadership attributes may be unnatural to other executives. This is not surprising as personality has a genetic component. As a result, HCG’s approach focuses on deeply impacting the individual through a sustained process that emphasizes leveraging his or her natural leadership tendencies, rather than trying to fundamentally change their nature.

Long-Term Coaching

Quick fix solutions to leadership development usually don’t work. They may develop insight into some aspect of a person’s behavior, but they are unlikely to affect long-term behavioral change. Sustainable change requires long-term coaching with the emphasis on building on existing leadership strengths. HCG’s consultants work with developing leaders over a six-month to one-year period to ensure long-term change.

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  • Developing New Leaders

In our organization, we need versatility... not a boxed solution. HCG has given us that and then some. HCG partners and collaborates with others, are flexible and don't have to do it the 'HCG way.' HCG has a willingness to do what needs to happen and are flexible based on what we want.

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Personality and Leadership Profile (PLP)