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Hagberg Consulting Group
Align Leadership and Culture to Execute Strategy

Learn how Hagberg Consulting's integrated assessment tools and consulting processes can help you to achieve your organization's strategic objectives.

HCG 360 Model

Why Companies Turn to HCG

LEADERSHIP: Arm your new executives with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully lead your organization.

TEAMWORK : Improve the effectiveness of teams at all levels of the organization.

CULTURE  : Assess and change the organizational culture to better support your strategic priorities.

PRE-HIRE ASSESSMENT  : Improve executive hiring decisions and identify people who really fit.

SUCCESSION  : Improve your ability to identify the best succession candidates.

Research, Presentations,and Articles

What Do High Performing Leaders Do and What Differentiates Them?
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The Three Pillars of Leadership.
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Leadership Pillar I: The Visionary Evangelist.
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Leadership Pillar II: The Relationship Builder.
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Leadership Pillar III: Manager of Execution.
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