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Organizational Cultures That Get Financial Results
Research findings uncovering key cultural factors that contribute to the bottom line.
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Corporate Culture: Telling the CEO the Baby is Ugly
Corporate Culture/Organizational Culture: Understanding and Assessing: Explores some of the problems associated with understanding the reality of an organization's culture, the role of the leader in creating or maintaining culture and the perils of confronting the leader with an assessment of the organization that flies in the face of his/her preconceptions.
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Corporate Culture: Distorted View From the Top
Comparative research indicates differences in view points between employees and senior management.
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The Three Pillars of Leadership
What skills make a great leader? While academic gurus debate theories of the ideal leader, HCG’s latest research reveals not one but three paths to success. Discover what skills make these leaders great and why they depend on each other for survival.
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Leadership Pillar I: The Visionary Evangelist
The Visionary Evangelist: Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Fidel Castro share a common leadership style. Learn what unique talents enable these pied pipers to develop a vision of the future and influence others to join the cause. See what fatal weaknesses have made these leaders notorious.
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Leadership Pillar II: The Relationship Builder
Relationship Builders (RB) are the “heart” of every organization. They are the ones people come to when they “need to talk,” whether about a business problem, a difficult relationship, the political dynamics at the office, career decisions, or personal crises. Leaders with RB skills and qualities are accessible and inspire loyalty and trust. Their openness and sensitivity create a comfortable, supportive, “family” feeling on the teams they lead.
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Leadership Pillar III: The Manager of Execution
Managers of Execution (ME) are the world's administrators.  They focused on achieving results and excel at efficiency, organization, focus and productivity.  They approach problems in a methodical and systematic manner. Every team needs an ME to handle critical details, get meetings started on time and meet deadlines.  They are natural experts in managing their own performance as well as the performance of others and don't hesitate to hold people accountable. 
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What Do High Performing Leaders Do and What Differentiates Them
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March 2005
Meeting Targets Isn't a Strategy
By: Carol Hymowitz
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November 01, 2003
Getting Inside the Boss's Head, Business 2.0 Magazine
A new generation of psychological tests goes beyond an executive's personality to root out corporate dysfunction.
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April 1, 2002
The Real Cost of Firing a CEO
By: Pamela Mendels
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June 1, 1998
Leadership styles through the ages: Entrepreneur Magazine
By: Debra Phillips
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June 24, 1996
By: Linda Grant
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December 16, 1996
Study shows many CIOs lack ability to motivate others and build relationships
By: Marianne Kolbasuk McGee
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Rich is a true thought leader, creating innovations that show others the way. The architecture of his leadership models reflect great insight, tested and corroborated by deep data mining. During twenty years of valued association, I've seen very few who are in his league.

Harold Fethe, Former VP Human Resources, Alza

HCG brings hard science to soft subjects. Their culture and leadership tools are objective and well grounded in research.

Pete Sidebottom, Partner,
McKinsey & Company